Nike / Make avery yard count

nike india

Really nice TV spot for Nike India.


Rafael Grampá / Dark Noir

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 00.07.57

Co-created animated film by Rafael Grampá and Absolut Facebook fans worldwide for the #NEXTFRAME project.

Johnny Cash / She Used to Love Me a Lot


Johnny Cash’s posthumous music video, “She Used to Love Me a Lot”. Directed by John Hillcoat.

Nokia / NY 41 x 41


Really clever way to show the 41-Megapixel Nokia Lumia 1021 camera quality. Directed by Paul Trillo.

Humanelectro + “∑(SIGMA)”


“Electrical signals radiate from the body of Ryo Fujimoto via the various sensors that are connected to his face, arms, and hands. These sensors track heart rate, muscle movement, and finger positions in real-time. The data is then converted directly into audio and visuals, thereby allowing the expressive unification of man and machine, and the birth of “Σ (SIGMA)”. This video above is a recording of the live event of Sigma Project that took place in Tokyo, Japan”.
Ryo Fujimoto | Humanelectro (Musician / Performer)
Eddie Lee | Funktronic Labs (Interactive Visual System Designer / Programmer)
Takuma Nakata and Tsubasa Nakata | TN2 (Concept Designer / Director / Hardware Design & Development)

Disney Research / Ishin-Denshin


For the past months, Disney Research Hub, is becoming a reference on their approach to technology. Ishin-Denshin, one of their latest projects is amazing, Ishin-Denshin was developed at Disney Research Pittsburgh by Olivier Bau, Ivan Popyrev and Yuri Suzuki.

Diana Beltran herrera / Paper birds



Astonishing birds paper sculptures by Diana Beltran Herrera.

Full Turn / Benjamin Muzzin


Really cool kinetic 3D sculptures by Benjamin Muzzin as a diploma project at ECAL.

Levi’s / Station to Station objects


As part of the Levi’s Station to Station campaign, AKQA hired Fake Love to produce physical objects and come up with strategies for translating the digital interfaces of Twitter, Instagram, and SoundCloud through them.
Still Camera (1939 Graflex) >> Instagram
Video Camera (1953 Bolex B8) >> Instagram
Typewriter (1901 Underwood No. 5) >> Twitter
Guitar(1953 Gibson E-125) >> SoundCloud
Hardware, design and fabrication by Matthew Epler.

Bot & Dolly / Box


Amazing performance piece with a crazy complex mapping by Bradley G Munkowitz for Bot & Dolly.

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